Matata Books is a publishing house founded by Braz Menezes in order to publish his Matata trilogy — a series of historical fiction novels set in Goa, India, and Kenya. To date, Braz has written and published the first two books of the trilogy — Just Matata: Sin, Saints and Settlers and More Matata: Love after the Mau Mau — and is working on his third book due at the end of 2015.

The stories tell the tales of Goan colonies in Kenya during the mid-20th century. The books centre around themes of diaspora, economic migration, racial segregation, and identity. The Matata trilogy tells a powerful story, both funny and heartbreaking. 

I co-edited the second edition of Just Matata (released in December 2015). I've also edited parts of the third book and a short story written by Braz. In addition, I redesigned the Matata Books website, updated the web copy, and regularly maintained it, which meant curating relevant news, updating the homepage, and posting new reviews. I managed the Matata Books social media sites, promoted the books to libraries, schools, and universities, and created a long-term marketing strategy to be implemented. Currently, marketing for Matata Books has been put on hold. To learn more about Matata Books, visit